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Pen Pant Farm

Purple Sprouting Broccoli is ready in February

Rhubarb is pulled from March onwards

Cape Brocoli in March and April

 New Potatoes on sale from May

Broad Beans are swelling in their pods in June

Bunched Beetroots are picked daily June & July

Cauliflowers are harvested 365 days of the year

Green Cauliflowers in the autumn

Spinach is available nearly all the year round
Cabbages are ready for cutting from June

Green Broccoli available from June until October

Courgettes will be big enough from June to September
(round ones, long ones, dark green ones, light green ones, yellow ones)

Marrows in the autumn

Peas, Mange Touts & Sugar Snaps in July

Stick beans are being picked young and tender July and August

Swede is ready from August to April

Romanesco are cut from July to November

Leeks are harvested August to May

Pumpkins are on sale in September & October

Parsley is picked throughout the winter

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I am Bambi  Aug. 05

Pen Pant Farm, Nine Wells, Solva, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire SA62 6UH
Tel. / Fax   +44 1437 721369


Last updated 2015